04/30/2013 11:22 am ET

Chris Brown's 'I Can't Win' Shows The Singer Is Maybe Starting To Get It (AUDIO)

Today in sentences that speak for themselves: Chris Brown released a song called "I Can't Win."

The track features Brown singing his way through a love-lorn tale of suffering, which makes it way less interesting than if it was actually about the 23-year-old's life. A dance-ready beat that includes Timbaland-esque drums sets the backdrop for Brown's autotuned vocals. Amadeus and Chizzy produced the beat, per Brown's Twitter.

A quick primer on what the tabs say about Brown and Rihanna: His dad didn't want them to get back together, he's grateful for her forgiveness and yet unfollowed her on Twitter. Of course, none of that should have anything to do with the great art that is his music.

Brown said he just felt like writing the song and that it won't be on his upcoming album. He also gave listeners a great way to evaluate his own work:

Noted! At press time, Drake had only three words to offer in response: "No new friends."

Chris Brown and Rihanna