Home Economics More Important Than Math Or Science Suggests 1955 Video

04/30/2013 08:35 am ET | Updated May 01, 2013

We have never been so glad that it's not 1955 -- and we're not just talking about the rather unfortunate hairstyles on the young women in this vintage video clip entitled 'Why Study Home Economics.'

Here, we find two friends discussing what courses they should take in school. Should they tackle that math or science requirement? NO. Because there is something that's way, way more important than that. It's called 'Home Economics.' Because, says one of the girls, if you don't study this in school, how else will you learn how to be proper housewives? By watching our own mothers? LOL, says her friend, who is embroidering while rocking a hairdo that recalls that of Michael Phelps.

"We have to learn sometime, Carol," pleads the young woman.

While some of us still have a long way to go when it comes to keeping a home clean and tidy, we're glad that this kind of stuff wasn't a mandated part of our school day.

Watch and see for yourself -- and check out the full version if you have ten minutes to spare.

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