Elk Has Tire Stuck Around Neck (VIDEO)

04/30/2013 08:28 am 08:28:14

This elk looks tired.

An elk with a tire around its neck was recently spotted in a Morrison, Colo. front yard, and Julie and Mark Daigneault caught video of the animal in all its glory.

"I just thought it was very funny to see that elk with a tire around its neck -- a little bit of bling," he told

Officials at Colorado Parks and Wildlife said they've known about the tired elk since April, but have opted to leave her as is, because she's believed to be pregnant. Tranquilizers might be harmful, Geobeats reported.

On the bright side, the elk doesn't seem to be bothered by her rubber necklace and continues to eat, lick herself and run around, according to

It's not unusual for elks to have unusual accessories. One lived six years with the ring of a dog’s feeding dish around its neck, and there was one that somehow got a bar stool stuck on its head, reported.

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