04/30/2013 06:21 pm ET

Rafael Alberto Perez, San Diego Realtor, Raps About Foreclosure Crisis, Home Ownership (VIDEO)

In what appears to be a growing trend, another real-estate agent has produced rap video to advertise his business.

San Diego-based Realtor Rafael Alberto Perez, who points out that his initials spell "rap," may have good story-telling abilities (nice synopsis of the foreclosure crisis!), but his rhyming may need some work.

Check out this verse, and you'll see why:

The rules of real estate are no longer the same,
Basic fundamentals are the name of the game.
It's not about buy, hold, and flip for rookies,
It's about building a home or possitive cash flow. [sic]

That said, we give Perez major props for ingenuity: As he told local ABC affiliate KGTV, he made the entire video using just an iPhone and green screen.


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