04/30/2013 05:08 pm ET

Stepmom Issue: I Like My Stepmother, But I Don't Want My Mom To Know


What do you do when you really like your stepparent, but you don't want your mom or dad to know?

That's the tricky situation teen sisters Emily and Natalie addressed in a recent advice column on their mom Nicole O'Dell's website. The girls were responding to a teen named Kelsie, who wrote in explaining that although she wants to "have a good relationship" with her new stepmom, she worries that doing so will bother her actual mom.

Emily and Natalies' level-headed response?

"Be honest with your mom about how you feel about your stepmom. It’s up to your mom to handle that well -- she’s the grown-up," Emily said. Meanwhile, older sister Natalie had this to say: “The best thing is for you to have the relationships you want to have with the people in your life -- your dad, mom, and stepmom -- and let the adults worry about how they feel about it.”

Pretty thoughtful advice, right?

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