04/30/2013 03:44 pm ET

'The Following' Finale: Behind-The-Scenes Video, Plus Season 2 Scoop

"The Following" finale was explosive and deadly ... maybe.

Warning; Do not read if you haven't seen "The Following" Season 1 finale, titled "The Final Chapter."

"The Following" finale ended with Joe Carroll seemingly dead after an explosion. The FBI confirmed remains matched his dental records, but this is a TV show after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, star James Purefoy, the man behind Joe Carroll, joked about a possible return in Season 2. When asked whether he was contracted for the sophomore season, THR reports he said, “I believe so, but that’s not a guarantee." Fox did not return a request for comment regarding Purefoy's status with the show.

The episode ended with Kevin Bacon's hero Ryan Hardy getting stabbed by his ex/neighbor Molly (Jennifer Ferrin). Molly then turned her knife on Claire (Natalie Zea) and the screen faded to black. It's safe to say Bacon, the star of the show, will return for Season 2, but the status of Zea is up in the air. However, one person who is truly dead is Agent Debra Parker (Annie Parisse).

Bacon said he and creator Kevin Williamson have been brainstorming ideas for Season 2. "Well, one thing that we've talked about is that we might jump time a little bit," Bacon said, according to the Associated Press. "You might see a character (a Ryan Hardy) who is in a slightly different headspace than where he has been. When you meet my character at the beginning of this season, I'm drinking too much, I'm depressed, I'm a wreck. I don't know if that's going to be where I'm going to start. Who knows?"

Take a look at an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from "The Following" Season 1 finale above. The series will return to Fox for Season 2.

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2013 Renewal Index: Canceled, Renewed & On The Bubble Shows