04/30/2013 06:13 am ET Updated May 01, 2013

'The Voice' Knockout Rounds: Blake Shelton Tells Judith Hill To Punch Him In The Face (VIDEO)

This week, it's all about the Knockout Rounds on "The Voice." Both the Monday and Tuesday episodes run two hours long so the coaches can pare their team down from eight contestant to only four each. Like the Battle Rounds, they partner them up, but this time the contestants each sing their own song -- and it's one of their own choosing -- and there is no more steal.

Fist up were Team Adam and Team Shakira, and there were definitely some powerhouse performances. Judith Hill has been bowing the coaches away every time she sings, and she did it again. Facing off against Orlando Dixon, even he seemed to know he had an uphill battle with this one.

Judith wailed a Willie Nelson song, which made it sting even more for Blake Shelton. "Not only did you pick Adam [Levine] as your coach, and I wanted you badly," he said. "Now you come up here and do a Willie Nelson song. Why don’t you just come down here and punch me in the face and get it over with?'

This sparked a mini-argument over who could punch Blake in the face, and how much everyone wanted to see it. When the dust settled -- with no punches thrown -- Judith moved on to the live rounds next week. She was joined by Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser from Team Adam, while Team Shakira advanced Garrett Gardner, Sasha Allen, Kris Thomas and Karina Iglesias.

Tuesday night sees Teams Usher and Adam face the Knockout. Tune in to "The Voice" on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post referred to Judith Hill as Judith Light. We regret the error.

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2013 Renewal Index: Canceled, Renewed & On The Bubble Shows