Guys, maybe you're being too hard on your balls. Maybe you're just not seeing the natural beauty they possess. Fortunately, Dove is here to help uncover the real beauty of your testicles.

Earn this.

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  • "I make terrible decisions"

  • "I'm the one making huffy, impatient noises in the Starbucks line"

  • "I'm a terrible friend"

  • "I've never kept a pet alive longer than 24 hours"

  • "My definition of 'accomplishment' is putting on pants"

  • "I was an extra on 'Law & Order'"

  • "You would not believe how incredibly slow I run"

  • "I can't stop screaming"

  • "I don't have a job"

  • "I watched all five season of The Wire in one sitting"

  • "I'm one of the top three most annoying people you know"

  • "I also don't have a job"

  • "I've been wearing pajamas for 72 hours"

  • "I've never finished a book"

  • "I'm just so tired"

  • "I have a 'fancy' pair of cargo shorts for special occasions"

  • "I'm struggling with my own mortality"