Rastanana: The Giant, Stoned, Plush Banana That Seems To Pop Up Everywhere (PHOTOS)

05/01/2013 01:37 pm ET

The most interesting part of the story about the man who lost his life savings on a shady carnival game was undoubtedly the poor sap's consolation prize: a giant, stuffed banana resembling a Rastafarian.

Now, where have we seen this marijuana-infused oddity before? Oh, that's right. All over the Internet at the most random times. A quick scan of Reddit will prove that Rastanana has a tendency to show up anywhere, for any reason, looking ridiculous and making us think of that "Big Yellow Joint" song from "Arrested Development."

Although shrouded in mystery (we guess) Rastanana is obviously on the rise and even has a Facebook page with 45 likes. See some of our favorite snapshots of the Internet's favorite drug-addled fruit in action below.


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