You like reading things in list form? Then hold onto your seat. Here, gathered in one place, ready to explode in your face, are the 25 craziest, most mind-blowing, and best numbered lists of all time.

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  • 38 passive aggressive teacup pigs who are profoundly depressed but love the 90's

  • 19 endangered species who hate Mondays

  • 14 ways to throw an awesome 90's-themed party using garbage

  • 58 dogs who don't know what dubstep is because they're dogs

  • 94 goats screaming like humans that you wouldn't trust to manage your finances

  • 40 deep sea fishermen you didn't even know you needed

  • 57 children in bumblebee costumes who are better at expressing their emotions than you

  • 25 sleepy bear cubs who regret their life choices

  • 8 reasons owning an obese cat is better than living a lie

  • 13 ducks who probably would've majored in psychology if colleges allowed animals to attend

  • 5 grilled cheese sandwiches filled with old fashioned candy

  • 17 sideboobs who are your spirit animals because it's a weekday

  • 3 of the worst-looking strawberries of all time

  • 76 photos of the same kitten trapped in a box, trying to get out for over an hour

  • 24 ways to use chocolate as an adhesive because you're having a breakdown

  • 81 photos of bees

  • 300 unexpected thumb tacks

  • 37 of the most hilarious and embarrassing Scotch Tape FAILS

  • 16 marshmallows with sad faces drawn on them that are winning the internet

  • 10 of the craziest leaves

  • 7 mind-numbingly stupid DIY projects

  • 1 man wearing a vest

  • 50 screen grabs from the show Clarissa Explains It All, which was a show that aired in the 90's

  • 0 reasons lunch meat will change your life forever

  • 12 failed homemade time machines that couldn't transport us back to the 90's

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