05/02/2013 08:51 am ET

Ducks On 'Petunia The Pig' Spotted In Adorable Photo

These ducklings have found quite an unusual resting spot.

According to reddit user "heyconnor," the baby ducks in the photo below are sitting on "Petunia the pig."

Animal Planet breaks down "pig" definitions on their website: "Mature swine are called hogs and young swine are called pigs, but in common usage hogs, pigs, and swine are often used as synonyms."

Although these animals seem to get along, not all animals are safe together. Despite the happiness documented in this photo, many pigs suffer in factory farms, and some states have laws making it difficult for undercover investigators to reveal abuses. If you want to help an animal like these cuties, check out the Farm Sanctuary website.

Petunia with ducklings


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