In our weekly edition of Dangerous Outfits, we offer an alternate view of Kelly Osbourne's sheer dress from this week's CLEO Magazine launch (you know, the one that landed her on our "Worst-Dressed" round-up this week) -- Kelly took a fashion risk that might have just paid off. We also praise the way Taylor Kraemer keeps a very see-through material safe.

There were disasters aplenty, though. At events this week, stars really wanted to show off their bodies, and they found out many ways to do it. Whether it was with very see-through sheer, extreme slits, or awkward cut-outs, we saw too much! We also weigh in on Carly Baker's very visible black underwear and more of the body-bearing outfits at FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World party. And at a different event, Vera Wang wore a black tube bra that she really wanted the whole world to see.

Click through to see all the risky outfits for yourself. Do you agree with our picks for "successes" and "stumbles"?

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  • SUCCESS: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

    This woman is perfection. Seriously, we hardly ever see Rosie wear anything that doesn't look good on her. If anyone else were to try and pull off this extremely revealing Calvin Klein ensemble, we bet they'd fail miserably. Instead, Whitely looked stunning in this... dress?

  • STUMBLE: Ke$ha

    Oh, Ke$ha, we may never understand your fashion choices. While this particularly outfit is one of her tamer ones (girl loves some sheer), it just looks messy. Sheer over-the-knee socks? No. That's all we have to say.

  • SUCCESS: Erin Heatherton

    This outfit could be considered dangerous because of the very sheer top. But the simple white band covering her up is actually a cute feature on an otherwise regular sundress.

  • STUMBLE: Stephanie Sigman

    Hmm, Sigman sort of looks like a genie here, no? We think the lower half of her outfit would have been complemented much better by a more substantial top.

  • SUCCESS: Rinko Kikuchi

    Wow -- this is one of the best "dangerous outfits" we have ever seen. The use of art-deco embellishments to distract from the risky high slit works splendidly. Bravo, Kikuchi!

  • STUMBLE: Olivia Culpo

    This look seems disheveled. We assume Culpo was trying to make her small crop top look more sophisticated with a vest and flowy pants. But none of these pieces work well when combined.

  • SUCCESS: Kate Waterhouse

    This is such a classy look. Waterhouse keeps a long black dress interesting with an awesome zipper feature that reveals some serious leg.

  • STUMBLE: Zara Martin

    It's dramatic enough to wear a short dress with prominent cut-outs. But the choker-style accent on this dress is throwing us off.

  • SUCCESS: Amanda Joy Michalka

    We've seen other iterations of this trend: a short, cut-out white minidress (go through the slides and find Ahna O'Reilly). Michalka will be added to the long list of successes with this winning combination of white and beige.

  • STUMBLE: AJ Odudu

    That's a low neckline! Such a deep V-neck might be better suited to someone with a fuller chest -- the way Odudu's wearing it, we're worried she might fall right out.

  • SUCCESS: Renae Ayris

    Miss Universe contestants are used to wearing tight and revealing dresses, so it's really no surprise that Ayris knows how to successfully pull off a very deep neckline and a high slit.

  • SUCCESS: Rihanna

    Only Rihanna could pull this off, right? Right. She is literally just wearing a huge cardigan and calling it a day. Somehow, it looks great and cutting-edge on her. She glammed this sexy outfit up with a slew of pearls and we must say... classy, RiRi, classy.

  • STUMBLE: Ciara

    While this look is undeniably sexy and really shows off Ciara's great body, it's a little too bare for our liking. Somehow, the simplicity of the cropped outfit comes across as bland to us.

  • SUCCESS: Miley Cyrus

    The boundary-pushing singer has been showing more and more skin each day, but she looks tasteful here. This Versace dress is revealing just the right amount of skin, and the gold buttons add a refined touch to the frock.

  • STUMBLE: Meagan Good

    Yowza! Good's, erm, "goods" are about to slip out of her dress! This gown is too low-cut for our comfort.

  • SUCCESS: Gaia Repossi

    This oversized crop top is the epitome of fashion-forward wear. It's even more fitting that Repossi wore this outfit to the Chanel show during Couture Week -- she's setting a fashion trend at the site where trends start.

  • STUMBLE: Porscha Coleman

    The screen-like sheer panels on Coleman's dress are so distracting. If it were up to us, this dress wouldn't have sheer sections at all, as they reveal a bit too much.

  • SUCCESS: Anna Dello Russo

    Dello Russo is bringing Fashion with a capital "F" to Paris Couture Week. She looks stunning in a black and white crop top and ruffled long skirt with a high slit that shows<em> just </em>enough leg.

  • STUMBLE: Kate Moss

    Moss' outfit is a tad sloppy, with sheer fabric that goes a little too high at the bottom (revealing too much of her body). Adding a serious-looking blazer only makes her ensemble look confusing and disheveled.

  • SUCCESS: Stana Katic

    This is a great structured deep v-neck dress. Katic manages to look put-together and professional in an outfit that's also slightly revealing.

  • STUMBLE: Miranda Cosgrove

    The young star's dress is somewhat awkward -- the combination of ruffles <em>and</em> a dramatic cut-out is a bit strange.

  • SUCCESS: Cristina Brondo

    Hooray for proper underlays! Brondo shows us how to execute riskily placed keyhole cutouts, and she keeps things classy with a substantial opaque slip underneath her sheer skirt.

  • STUMBLE: Elizabeth Rodriguez

    This neckline won't stop plunging! Rodriguez is pushing boundaries with this dress... and we're afraid it's venturing into unsafe zones.

  • SUCCESS: Cristen Barker

    We're starting to really love the new trend of simple cut-out dresses that at first glance look like two pieces. They're artful and eye-catching.

  • STUMBLE: Nichole Galicia

    Some dresses veer too far into dangerous territory. Galicia's dress features a high slit and a very deep neckline, thus revealing a bit too much.

  • SUCCESS: Jacquetta Wheeler

    Sheer lace may just be the secret weapon in making a completely skin-baring look seem appropriate and beautiful.

  • STUMBLE: Joyce Giraud

    This is another confusing look. It appears that Giraud's dress is actually two different dresses. Unfortunately, there are just way too many cut-outs on the left side.

  • SUCCESS: Rooney Mara

    Mara's crop top is positively cute. It doesn't even look like this polished outfit has two dangerous elements: a midriff-baring top and a skirt with a high front slit. Maybe it's because Mara always looks so mature and professional.

  • STUMBLE: Rita Ora

    Ora is no stranger to risqué choices, and this look is no exception. The translucent panel simply reveals extra skin rather than enhancing any aspect of this garment. The result is an overexposed body.

  • SUCCESS: Alessandra Ambrosio

    This dress could have been a bit much, what with its deeply cut sides and Ambrosio's exposed back. But the model pulls off the flirty look thanks to its girly ruffles, which soften a sexy outfit.

  • STUMBLE: Charlbi Dean

    This is not how one wears linen pants. Dean looks like she slipped out of bed and headed straight to this film premiere. Her extremely casual drawstring linen pants are a bit too relaxed for a formal event -- and pairing them with a crop top doesn't help.

  • SUCCESS: Sharni Vinson

    As we said before, linen pants on the red carpet are a huge risk. Vinson took the risky look even further by pairing the pants with a slinky backless spaghetti-strap tank top. But it works. She looks put together and sexy -- a hard feat that we all wish to accomplish on a night out.

  • STUMBLE: Kendall Jenner

    We understand that crop tops are popular with kids these days, but perhaps Jenner could have taken it down a notch. For a formal red carpet event, we'd recommend pairing an extremely high, casual crop top with a longer skirt or looser pants.

  • SUCCESS: Kylie Minogue

    Leave it to the brave Minogue to wear this sheer dress and make it look so good. This might be the first time we've seen someone show off "side-butt" so effectively.

  • STUMBLE: Alex Merrell

    While this combination is working, it's not the ideal choice for a nighttime event, let alone a film premiere. Merrell's outfit looks better suited for a day at the beach.

  • SUCCESS: Ahna O'Reilly

    This is one of the more innovative cut-out dresses we have laid our eyes on. It's so cool how O'Reilly's dress looks structured from the front, then once she turns to the back, a large bow adds a dramatic feminine flair.

  • STUMBLE: Olga Sorokina

    While the jacket on this look makes it seem professional, Sorokina's lace bra underneath quickly dispels of that notion.

  • SUCCESS: Taylor Swift

    The singer wowed us with this Emilio Pucci white number at The Fragrance Foundation Awards this week. The top boasts a prominent sheer middle section that adds a bit of sensuality to the beautiful draping on the bottom of the dress. Sexy and sophisticated, T-Swift!

  • STUMBLE: Lindsey Wixson

    Well, this is quite confusing. It looks like Wixson cut up a really formal and beautiful evening gown. The sheer sections at the bottom of her dress negatively distract from the pretty detailing on the gown.

  • SUCCESS: Beyoncé

    Now here's woman who can basically do no wrong with her wardrobe choices. Bey owns this outfit and makes a crop top looks like child's play with those inspiring abs.

  • STUMBLE: Katharina Damm

    Even though the sheer sections of this dress are not Damm's skin, but beige/translucent fabric, it looks way too revealing. We can't seem to get into the penchant celebrities have for showing off their "side-butt."

  • SUCCESS: Chrissy Teigen

    We can see why Teigen is a Spike "Guy's Choice." She knows how to rock a sheer dress wonderfully. This dress is both classy and extremely revealing in all the right ways.

  • STUMBLE: Jade Bryce

    Wearing cheetah print is risky in itself -- it's already so eye-catching and flashy that adding a cut-out with criss-crossing bands is just too much for the eyes. The flashy cut-out draws unwanted attention to Bryce's mid section.

  • SUCCESS: Dree Hemingway

    Hemingway wore a perfectly cut Calvin Klein dress to the amfAR Inspiration Gala. The sheer here is both fashion-forward and very practical.

  • STUMBLE: Kim Schifino

    It looks like Schifino is showing off the fact that you can completely see her bra through her see-through polka-dotted shirt. And it looks like Matt Johnson is highly intrigued.

  • SUCCESS: Claire Julien

    It's good to see stars learning how to wear sheer in very creative ways. Julien wore one of the most innovative sheer dresses to "The Bling Ring" premiere. We are digging the design -- it adds an artistic flair to the over-worn sheer trend stars are currently obsessed with.

  • STUMBLE: Janina Gavankar

    While everything is covered up fine on Gavankar, we can't help thinking this looks more costume-like than red carpet gown. Perhaps if it wasn't sheer, the dress would look more fitting for an event.

  • SUCCESS: Alessandra Ambrosio

    This is one of the coolest daring looks ever. From the back, Ambrosio's dress is barely there, exposing her (amazing) back. It seems risqué. But then, once she turns around, the front of her dress looks super-sophisticated. Kaufmanfranco sure knows how to design an eye-catching dress!

  • STUMBLE: Cynthia Rowley

    Did Rowley accidentally wear a beach cover-up to the CFDA Awards? We're not sure it's ever flattering to blatantly show your undies and bra at a formal event.

  • SUCCESS: Carrie Underwood

    This outfit demonstrates a perfect placement of sheer. The shorts are just the right length to show off Underwood's legs without veering into a risky territory, and the sheer detailing on the blouse adds a hint of sexiness to this refined look.

  • SUCCESS: Erin Wasson

    Wasson's dress wins for having the most perfectly placed cut-outs. And there are a lot of them! We love how the Alexander Wang frock veers away from looking like a traditional dress, and ends up looking more like sections of fabric that work to cover up Wasson's assets and show off her svelte body. It's so interesting.

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