Stranger Leaves Unlimited Metrocard For New Yorkers To Use And Pass On (PHOTO)

05/04/2013 02:09 pm ET

Pay It Forward Day has come and gone, but one New York City metro rider is keeping its spirit alive.

The anonymous do-gooder left a sweet note along with a prepaid unlimited metro card for another rider to find, use and pass on.

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nyc metro note

New Yorker Michelle Attardo spotted the card on 2nd Avenue between 88th and 89th and took a photo, which she shared on Instagram.

The note reads:

Unlimited - good 'til midnight. Use, if you can; leave for someone else when you're done.

We love everything about this note, right down to its impeccable semicolon and apostrophe usage. Whoever you are, thanks for making our day -- and someone's night!

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