Ah, cleaning the toilet. It's one of the most dreaded household tasks, yet we all have to do it at some point. But there's no reason why you have to deal with chemical fumes that make you want to hug the bowl. That's why we're bringing you six unusual products that you may not have realized will make your porcelain throne sparkle.

Gatorade: First, pour two cups into the toilet. Allow this to sit for an hour. Then, using a brush, wipe away the sports drink. Finally, push the lever.

Pumice stone: First, soak the pumice in warm water. It’s very important to make sure that the surface and stone are always wet to avoid scratching the porcelain. Then, using rubber gloves, start scrubbing any rust with the object. Finally, once you see the spot is gone, flush the toilet.

Rubbing alcohol: First, spray the liquid around toilet rings. Let this soak for a few minutes. Finally, use a cleaning tool to wash the stains away.

Denture Tablets: Simply drop one of these into the bowl, let it work its magic and just rinse 20 minutes later.

Coca-Cola: First, pour a can into the commode. After an hour, scrub the area and flush.

Vinegar: First, squirt a ring of dish soap under the rim. Then, spray it with vinegar, and scrub with a brush.

Be sure to click through our slideshow to see 25 of the craziest toilet seat covers we've ever seen.

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  • In Case You Forgot...

    ...Sometimes people find giant snakes in their toilets. Now, go ahead, have a seat!

  • The Definition Of America?

    We don't even know why we put a question mark there. This is the definition of America.

  • Don't Sit Down


  • Watching You

    Not exactly what we want staring us down as we enter the bathroom.

  • Lighthouse Toilet

    Perfect for anyone who's ever dreamed of relieving oneself in a light house.

  • A Gory Scene

    You probably won't make it to the toilet in time after seeing this.

  • King Kong Cover

    All right.

  • VIP?

    If by "VIP" you mean "literally anyone," then yes.

  • Playboy To The Max

    Be sure to keep a copy of Playboy nearby to really complete the look.

  • Vintage Flair

    You guests will be in the bathroom twice as long as they attempt to read the entire lid.

  • Kitty Seat

    Those kittens look really sad. We think we know why.

  • Wrong On So Many Levels

    Hasn't it been said that he died on the toilet?

  • Bear Down

    Have you ever seen a bear go to the bathroom? It's horrific.

  • Elmo Playing Football

    Now we're just confused.

  • High School Musical Cover

    Please stop.

  • Flamin'

    We're sick of seeing this print on cars, T-shirts and just about everything else. But now this?

  • Puppy Potty

    For someone who REALLY loves dogs.

  • Hardcore Toilet Cover

    Show your guests how tough you REALLY are.

  • Will This Make You Remember?

    This could actually get confusing.

  • Too Many Wolves

    <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Wolf_Moon">But where is the moon?</a>

  • Turtle Cover

    Cute, but why?

  • Spongebob Cover

    Who lives in a pineapple under your... toilet?

  • Dogs & Leashes

    There are so many better ways to show the world you love pugs.

  • Smurf Cover

    Imagine seeing this in someone's house who DOESN'T have kids.

  • Seal Cover

    Now if this was a tribute to <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/05/crasher-seal-photobombs-g_n_411767.html">crasher seal</a>, then we'd be into it.

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