They don't call the Met Gala the fashion Oscars for nothing. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala honors high fashion and the icons who wear it, so it's only natural that the dresses attendees don are the biggest spectacle of the night. Now, this is no Nerd Ball. Risk is the name of the game, and with high-concept themes like punk rock and Beyoncé as a co-chair, we're more excited than ever for tomorrow's festivites.

As we prep for the 2013 red carpet -- likely to be the Met's most rebellious one yet -- we're taking a look back at the gowns of Galas past. From high slits to voluminous skirts, there's plenty good, bad and ugly to go around. Which ambitious style star are you most excited to see? Click through the slideshow below to revisit their stylish (and heinous!) pasts!

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  • GOOD: Beyoncé, 2012

    Glittering and intricate, this Givenchy dress is just as fierce as the singer herself.

  • BAD: Bianca Brandolini D'Adda, 2012

    So much sparkle...

  • GOOD: Florence Welch, 2012

    Only certain eccentric women can pull off the frivolousness of Alexander McQueen's creations. Welch is one of them.

  • BAD: Alicia Keys, 2004

    2004 was an interesting year.

  • GOOD: Diane Kruger, 2012

    The simple cut on the top of this dress and the deep purple save it from looking too ridiculous.

  • BAD: Chloe Sevigny, 2012

    We feel like she should have covered up better...

  • GOOD: Christina Ricci, 2012

    This is literally the only place one could wear a Thakoon dress with a massive bow on the back and not look completely out of place.

  • BAD: Marpessa Hennink, 2012

    The frilly top is too much.

  • GOOD: Julie Macklowe, 2012

    If it weren't for Macklowe's (and her date's!) perfectly matching hair, we don't know if this dress would have been successful.

  • BAD: Giovanna Battaglia, 2012

    We like the art deco aspect of the dress, but Battaglia's floral headband added too much to the outfit.

  • GOOD: Lana Del Rey, 2012

    Del Rey looks like a gothic queen and the cape wouldn't normally work, but at a place like the Met Gala, sometimes the odd pieces add a great touch.

  • BAD: Elizabeth Banks, 2012

    The dramatic peplum is enough -- Banks didn't need to accentuate it with a mix of clashing patterns.

  • GOOD: Marc Jacobs, 2012

    The designer always takes it to the next level and knows how to pull it off. It's a mystery. Anyone else wearing this Commes des Garcons get-up would probably be mocked.

  • BAD: Coco Rocha, 2012

    Pink and yellow is a strange combination of colors. And the matching curls are just a tad corny.

  • GOOD: Karolina Kurkova, 2012

    We love the headpiece and how this outfit is just so shiny.

  • BAD: Kirsten Dunst, 2012

    We expected more from this usually very fashion-forward star. Dunst looks like an '80s pilgrim.

  • GOOD: Christina Ricci, 2011

    Ricci is taking us back to <em>The Addams Family</em> days -- and we like that.

  • BAD: Naomi Campbell, 2011

    Too much detail.

  • GOOD: Janelle Monae, 2011

    Monae always rocks a suit so well, and she glammed it up perfectly for the Met Gala.

  • BAD: Anna Dello Russo, 2011

    The fashion editor took menswear way too far with her strange headpiece and the ornate detailing.

  • GOOD: Isabel Lucas, 2011

    That intricate headband is reminiscent of the flapper period and it works beautifully.

  • BAD: Crystal Renn, 2011

    The material at the bottom of her dress kind of reminds us of a trash bag.

  • GOOD: Beyoncé, 2011

    She kills this -- even with a dangerous cut-out!

  • BAD: Freida Pinto, 2011

    We find it hard to believe this is a Chanel number. Mixing a menswear look with the femininity of a silk dress is just a bad combination.

  • GOOD: Coco Rocha, 2010

    This dramatic train seems a little inconvenient... But it is quite beautiful.

  • BAD: January Jones, 2010

    Jones looks like a villain in a superhero movie with her dramatic makeup and gloves.

  • GOOD: Doutzen Kroes, 2010

    This is a glorified princess gown and Kroes pulls it off well.

  • BAD: Vera Farmiga, 2010

    This looks like a country western costume.

  • GOOD: Katy Perry, 2010

    This dress lit up. Enough said.

  • BAD: Mary-Kate Olsen, 2009

    It looks like some animals may have gotten to Olsen before she hit the red carpet.

  • GOOD: Kirsten Dunst, 2009

    We love the silver detailing.

  • BAD: Madonna, 2009

    This outfit looks too casual and too... weird.

  • GOOD: Allison Sarofim, 2008

    We don't see rainbows enough on the red carpet.

  • BAD: Kimora Lee Simmons, 2008

    These colors clash, and we don't like how Simmons looks kind of like a coloring book.

  • GOOD: Joy Bryant, 2008

    She looks like a beautiful stained glass window!

  • BAD: Wendi Deng, 2008

    When peplum goes too far... Way too far.

  • GOOD: Christina Ricci, 2007

    We're starting to think Ricci is the ultimate Met Gala queen. Everything she wears is perfectly over-the-top. This dress manages to be both sexy and cool. Love!

  • BAD: Kate Spade, 2007

    How disappointing when a fashion designer steps out looking like she got dressed in the dark. Spade wore something nice on top and then decided to wear a trash bag as a skirt, hot pink tights and red sling-back heels. Honestly, <em>what is going on here</em>?

  • GOOD: Jessica Simpson, 2007

    2007 was a really sultry year for the Met Gala, and Simpson definitely added to that factor. Her girls are about to pop out but the dress is just sexy enough -- especially for her.

  • BAD: Thandie Newton, 2007

    Newton's cape is too dramatic and her dress is just too sheer.

  • GOOD: Jessica Stam, 2007

    This dress is so intricately beautiful. Stam looks like she is wearing a painting.

  • BAD: Anja Rubik, 2012

    She's almost naked!

  • GOOD: Sarah Jessica Parker, 2006

    Only SJP and Alexander McQueen could pull off a Anglophilia-inspired mismatched frock.

  • BAD: Karolina Kurkova, 2006

    Plaid overload. This is hurting our eyes.

  • GOOD: Amanda Peet, 2006

    This is so wonderfully girly and delicate. Peet looks so precious.

  • BAD: Matthew Williamson and Erin O'Connor, 2006

    Why. Would. Someone. Pick. This. Dress. And Williamson's disheveled appearance make it seem like he didn't even bother to look in a mirror before heading to the Gala.

  • GOOD: Jessica Stam, 2006

    This is bordering on being tacky, but Stam pulls it off.

  • BAD: Emmy Rossum, 2006

    The hair is cheesy and the outfit -- er -- costume is questionable for this usually fashion-forward star. Maybe she needed some time to grow her style chops.

  • GOOD: Vanessa Minnillo, 2005

    This only would have worked in a time like 2005, with the butterflies and flowers. We think she looks pretty.

  • BAD: Karolina Kurkova, 2005

    Sorry, but we don't "love" this.

  • GOOD: Diane Von Furstenberg, 2005

    Von Furstenberg reminds us a really nice, decorated Greek toga. She looks like a goddess.

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