05/06/2013 01:39 pm ET

Celebrity Virginity Stories: Stars Open Up About Their First Times (MASHUP)

When it comes to their personal lives, some stars prefer to keep their private stories, well, private. Except for a handful of celebrities who were more than willing to share tales of how they lost their virginity on camera.

Take Tina Fey, for instance -- she confessed that she lost her virginity at 24 to her husband Jeff Richmond, joking to David Letterman, "I couldn't give it away!"

And Chris Evans candidly revealed that he rushed home to his mom as soon as he finished doing the deed.

"I raced home and I was like, 'Mom, I had sex! What am I doing?'" he told the ladies of "The View," laughing. "I can't tell you what she said ... it's going to be bad!"

Check out other stars' virginity stories above.


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