05/06/2013 01:57 pm ET

Craiglist Dating Ad: 'Successful Entrepreneur' Searching For 'Pretty, Thin' Online Dating Surrogate


Want to make a 100 dollars a week combing through online dating profiles for an hour a day? Are you willing to look not for yourself but to find some guy's perfect lady? Do you have "great taste," a "discerning eye" and "strong writing ability?" Are you also pretty and thin?

WAIT, what? Back it up right there.

You are probably wondering why a woman who sits behind a computer screen searching, favoriting and messaging people on an online dating site needs to be pretty and thin, right? Well, we have no idea.

All we know is that a man describing himself as a "successful entrepreneur" posted an ad to Craigslist on Friday looking for a "pretty, thin," female online dating surrogate.

Want to apply? Didn't think so.

[h/t The New York Observer]


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