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Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman: 'Before Midnight' Actor Opens Up About 'Painful' Divorce Moment

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In a case of art imitating life, actor Ethan Hawke has taken some of his experiences as a real-life divorced dad and injected them into his new film "Before Midnight," which he co-wrote along with director Richard Linklater and co-star Julie Delpy.

"Anybody who's divorced will tell you that the transition at the end of the summer, which, as a father, is the one time of year where you get to spend a lot of time with your kid, is very painful," he reportedly told Entertainment Weekly (via MSN). "You get confronted with the facts of your divorce. It's always a very painful moment for me. So that made it into the beginning of 'Before Midnight.'"

In the film -- a sequel to Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004), which hits theaters May 24 -- Hawke plays a divorced father living in Paris with his second wife and two children, while struggling to maintain a relationship with his son from a previous marriage who lives in Chicago.

Hawke and wife of six years, actress Uma Thurman, divorced in 2004 amid rumors of Hawke's affair with the couple's nanny, Ryan Shawhughes. Hawke has claimed, however, that his relationship with Shawhughes did not begin until after he and Thurman had ended their marriage.

Hawke and Shawhughes tied the knot back in June 2008. The "Gattaca" actor has two children from his marriage to Thurman and two children with his current wife.

Hawke isn't the first divorced celebrity to marry his alleged mistress. Click through the slideshow below for nine other stars who did the same.

Celebs Who Married Their Mistresses

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