Jim Gaffigan Really Doesn't Like Vegan Food (VIDEO)

05/06/2013 10:55 am ET

Jim Gaffigan is a bacon lover. You know what he isn't? A kale lover. Or a lover of any sort of health food, for that matter. Julie Klausner of Vulture forced him to try a bunch of healthy vegan food and, well, the results were both predictable and hilarious.

On coconut water: "Urine."

On chocolate-covered kale chips: "It tastes like a bag of gravel." And, "They could find out that kale cures cancer and I would still go with the chemo."

On Tofurky pepperoni: "Acid rain."

On seitan: "That looks like there's something wrong there."

On goji berries: "They look like bloody teeth."

So what have we learned from the video above? Klausner sums it up best. "Please, never eat healthy," she begs.

Watch the video above.

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