05/06/2013 09:18 pm ET

Rickhouse San Francisco Named One Of The Best Whiskey Bars In Country By GQ (PHOTOS)


The secret's out, San Francisco.

Not that Rickhouse--the speakeasy-style bar in the Financial District--was ever really underground. (The Huffington Post San Francisco staff may or may not have spent a few happy hours crowded around a table the size of a coaster.) But now that GQ has named it one of the ten best whiskey bars in the country, we don't think we'll be getting our drinks any faster.

In a feature on the nation's "New Whiskey Rebellion," GQ listed the best whiskey bars in America, including our beloved Rickhouse. (Read the rest of the list over at GQ.)

"You'd feel like you're picking from a whiskey geek's private stash, if it weren't for the crowd of attractive people with the same intel," wrote GQ.

We couldn't agree more.

Rickhouse too crowded? Check out our editors' other favorite San Francisco whiskey bars in the slideshow below:

San Francisco Whiskey Bars