Buttered toast is one of life's simple pleasures. And while it can be oh-so-slightly challenging to butter toast evenly when the butter is cold, it isn't actually a disaster. But you know what would make it even easier? A BUTTER GRATER.

Check it:

easy butter former

Some Japanese geniuses have created a device that makes it even easier to slather bread with an ample portion of butter. All you do is load a stick of butter into this contraption and start grating. It sells for about $23.

Rocket News 24 explains that toast is a big deal in Japan, so this gadget almost sort of makes sense.

Sure, a normal grater could grate butter (say, if you want to make pie crust), but we imagine the "Easy Butter Former" could have other uses. For example, might we suggest to waiters that instead of offering grated cheese, they offer grated butter instead?

[h/t Food Republic]

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