05/07/2013 06:15 pm ET

Groom's Cake Shaped Like Stack Of Cash Displayed At Wedding (PHOTO)

When couples choose to include a groom's cake in addition to a traditional wedding cake, it often represents one of the groom's passions, such as football, zombie movies or music. So judging by this cake, the groom's passion appears to be... money?

Check out this photo of an unusual groom's cake posted on Reddit Monday by user Sailmeaway. The caption reads, "Gangsta ass groom's cake at a gangsta ass wedding."

While this may not be the classiest groom's cake we've ever seen, it is certainly one of the most unique!

Click through the slideshow below for photos of creative grooms' cakes by Marina Sousa (the cake above is not by Sousa).

Groom's Cakes

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