National Geographic reports:

A team of researchers recently announced the discovery of Cyanogaster noctivaga, a brand new species of transparent fish that lives deep in the Amazon. Indeed, with its transparent skin and dazzling blue belly, the discovery constitutes an entirely new genus and, despite being very hard to see, has been given an eye-catching name that means “blue-bellied night wanderer.”

This unique organism got us thinking about what other creatures are transparent or translucent, so we put together this list.

Read the full story at National Geographic. Photos and captions courtesy of National Geographic.

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  • Glass Frogs

    <em>Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum</em>, also known as the “glass frog,” is native to the cloud forests and rivers of Ecuador. <em>Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum’s</em> pale green skin is translucent to the point that the majority of its vital organs are clearly visible. Unfortunately, the species is endangered due to continuing habitat destruction.

  • Larval Squid

    This larval squid shows off translucency and iridescence in equal measure.

  • Golden Tortoise Beetle

    The golden tortoise beetle (<em>Charidotella sexpunctata</em>) is high in the running for the tiniest and most beguiling of nature’s translucent creatures. At 0.2 to 0.3 inches (5 to 8 millimeters) long it resembles a metallic ladybug and is something of a chameleon, shifting in color from gold to a reddish bronze throughout the year. Also known as the “goldbug,” the lovely leaf-eater manages this transformation by reflecting light through liquid stored below a transparent outer cuticle.

  • Translucent Tadpoles

    These Costa Rican tadpoles have see-through skin that reveals neatly coiled intestines.