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Will Hispanics Be Undercounted in the Next Census?

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Latinos and others are seen on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, where many businesses cater to a Spanish-speaking clientele, Wednesday, May 11, 2011. | AP/File

The U.S. Census Bureau has persistently undercounted Hispanics. Now, the same bureau announced that they may change the way they ask about Hispanic ethnicity in 2020 -- a move that has critics worried that the Latino population could be undercounted even further.

Currently, the Census measures Hispanic ethnicity and race in different questions, but the proposed change would collapse the two categories together into a "race and origin" question.

Although the switch would allow Latinos who identify for example, as black or white, to check both ethnicity and race boxes, Carlos Cortés, a professor emeritus at the University of California Riverside worries that those who take the survey will feel they need to choose one or the other if the topic is presented in one question, resulting in an undercounted Latino population.

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