Cute Kid Note: 10-Year-Old Girl Details Her Dreams

05/08/2013 05:44 pm ET

When I was 10, I'm pretty sure my goals ranged from convincing my mom to let me eat Lunchables to convincing Prince William (who still possessed a full head of hair) to marry me.

According to a note posted on Reddit on Tuesday, though, kids these days have much loftier goals. In the note, a 10-year-old-girl details her 20 goals for the future, including being "tri-lingual," volunteering more at an animal shelter and going "GREEN!"

My personal favorite is number 13: "Grow hair to waist and cut it later + donate."

Her polka dot house sounds pretty awesome, too, though...

Which one strikes home for you? What were your goals at 10? And do any of them still hold true today?

LOOK: 10-Year-Old Girl Lists Her Goals

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