05/08/2013 01:45 pm ET

Daily Show Finds Cinco De Mayo's True Spirit In Dallas (VIDEO)

Cinco de Mayo isn’t all that much of a holiday in Mexico, and for many Americans it’s little more than a drink-a-thon.

In an attempt to find the “true meaning” of the holiday, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams traveled to Dallas, Texas, in search of an “authentic fiesta.” ‘

Her search for Latinos leads her to an immigration reform march, where people aren’t sharing her party spirit. But by the evening, Williams reaches a bar packed with non-Latinos, one of whom views Cinco de Mayo as “the single best excuse to go out and do unlimited tequila shots all day long.”

The best part comes when Williams interviews a waiter who doesn’t share his customers’ love for the holiday.

Check out what Cinco de Mayo’s all about in the segment above.

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