When the kiss cam zooms in on you at a sporting event, you give it what it wants: a kiss. If you don't, you'll likely get booed by the entire stadium. (Remember last year when the Obamas got booed at a basketball game for refusing to pucker up the first time the camera came around? Yeah, the kiss cam doesn't mess around.)

The guy in this video -- filmed by the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies at a recent game against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox -- doesn't know the first thing about the kiss cam. When the camera zooms in on him and his girlfriend -- twice -- he's too distracted by his cell phone to give his lady some love. What happens when the camera returns to the couple for the third time is what makes this video truly unmissable. Watch it above.

But is it real? The official word from the Fresno Grizzlies is that the video is "not shenanigans," though as many YouTube commenters have pointed out, the whole thing almost seems too good to be true. Real or scripted, we can't stop watching it.

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  • Score!

    Double score.

  • Celebration Gone Wrong

    That's sure to hurt his pride.

  • Come On, Kick It

    He tried.

  • Low Five...

    Or not. I'll just do an awkward fist pump into the air instead.

  • Professional Pantsing

    It's like middle school all over again.

  • Thirst Quenched?

    He can skate fast and body-check like nobody's business, but drinking out of a bottle is hard.

  • Record High Here I Come

    At least I have another try.

  • Roll Over

    Things are always going right over his head, and this soccer ball was no different.

  • High Five!

    We missed but with the flick of the wrist we still looked cool.

  • Collision On The Track

    What's everyone looking at? Oh.

  • Up, Up And Away

    I felt like I was flying, but no one was there to be the wind beneath my wings.

  • The Battle Is On

    Show off with my kick spin and...fail.

  • Slam Dunk

    He caught him!

  • Running Wild

    He's safe...and walking on air.

  • I Have The Power!

    Aww man, I really thought I had it this time.

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