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RadioShack 'Beats By Dr. Dre Pill' Ad: Phallic Imagery, Half-Naked Women And Robin Thicke (VIDEO)

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An established electronics chain should know how to turn on customers. So how does RadioShack's bawdy new ad for the Beats By Dr. Dre Pill wireless speaker perform?

Not so well, according to AdWeek. "Radio Shack comes off like an unhip, balding, middle-aged dude desperately trying to prove he's down with the kids -- and failing badly," the trade publication writes.

The ad features eye-catching elements such as half-naked models fondling the vaguely phallic-looking Beats Pill and celebrity endorser Robin Thicke singing his hit "Blurred Lines." The title of the spot is "#UWANTIT" from the song's lyrics "I know you want it."

Reaction to the ad among 700,000-plus YouTube visitors as of Wednesday was mixed.

The retailer could sure use a marketing breakthrough. According to, the 90-year-old-plus RadioShack has lost ground because of its "lopsided focus on wireless tech" and competition from Walmart and Amazon.

At least the commercial got one aspect right, wrote Adrants: "The approach actually makes sense since the Pill basically looks like a gigantic dildo."

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