21st Century Fox Debuts Logo

05/09/2013 03:22 pm ET | Updated May 09, 2013

The company formerly known as News Corp.'s entertainment division debuted its logo on Thursday.

Rupert Murdoch announced last year that he would be splitting his media conglomerate into two separate companies. One company, which will keep the News Corp. name, will be comprised of the publishing and newspaper properties. The other, aptly named 21st Century Fox, will consist of the organization's entertainment and broadcast operations.

In the new black and white logo, the company's name appears in white block letters alongside a white circle with two black spotlights. A video of the logo accompanied its debut and it included some strange computer-like techie blip noises, which were probably used as an attempt to imply the future, or new horizons or some other forward-thinking metaphor.

Take a look at the new logo in the video above.

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