We've been keeping a close eye on Anne Hathaway's blonde hair since the star debuted it on Monday night's Met Gala red carpet. "It's temporary," she told us that night. "But as soon as I did it, I thought I didn't want it to be temporary any longer."

So it looks like she's keeping it, popping up in Brooklyn the next day with the new coif styled in a casual, relaxed way. We dig the new blonde Anne, we thought. We could get used to this.

Then Hathaway took her hair for a spin at the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner on Wednesday night, and we began having second thoughts. Straightened and smoothed out, the new 'do was a little... flat. Helmet-y, even.

But she is giving off some serious Carey Mulligan vibes (inspired by Carey's recent "Great Gatsby" stardom, perhaps) or even Mia Farrow (who didn't have the sleek pixie when she played Daisy in "Gatsby" in 1974, but definitely did in 1968 for "Rosemary's Baby").

Does Anne pull the blonde pixie off as well as those two ladies?

Anne's sleek blonde pixie:

anne hathaway blonde hair

anne hathaway blonde hair

Anne's blonde pixie goes punk:

anne hathaway blonde hair

Better as a blonde or a brunette?

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