Maru Plays In Bathtub, Cat Fascinated By Plug (VIDEO)

05/09/2013 05:40 pm ET

Maru the cat knows how to enjoy the simple things in life. You know, like bathtub plugs.

In this adorable video uploaded by YouTube user mugumogu earlier this week, Maru is seen fascinated by the newest addition to his home. The short-lived affair ends after about a minute, but really, how interesting can bathtub plugs be.

Maru has racked up quite the following, and his videos have been viewed more than 200 million times. He's examined cars, tackled the dilemma of the skinny box and launched an assault on the ground.

If you're looking for a curious pal of your own and are ready for the responsibility, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or

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