05/09/2013 12:29 pm ET

Colbert Mourns Sister's South Carolina Congressional Loss (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert opened his show Wednesday with his reaction to his sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, losing to Mark Sanford in a special election for South Carolina's first district's Congressional seat. "Tonight, I am angry. And for once, that doesn't make me happy," Colbert joked.

"I was sure [Colbert-Busch] had won, because CNN called it for Sanford," the Comedy Central host said, mocking CNN's troubled relationship with accurate reporting.

He felt so betrayed by South Carolina failing to elect his sister, that Colbert did the unthinkable: He denounced his South Carolina heritage and presumed the identity of a... shudder... North Carolinian.

Check out the clip above to watch as Stephen tries to muster the courage to learn about his new state, and choke down their barbecue.


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