Jodi Arias Death Penalty Hearing: The Other Women On Arizona's Death Row

05/09/2013 08:34 am ET

Jodi Arias, now a convicted murderer, will return Thursday to the same Arizona courtroom where she was convicted, and now her lawyers will fight to keep her off death row.

Arizona has not executed a woman since 1930, when former cabaret dancer Eva Dugan was hanged for killing and burying the rancher for whom she worked as a housekeeper.

“I don’t know where I’m headin’ for, but here I come. Let ’er go, boys,” Dugan said while standing at the gallows.

When the trap door beneath her feet sprung, Dugan’s body dropped and the noose around her neck snapped taunt. The executioner had miscalculated the drop, and the force of it decapitated Dugan’s head, which rolled into the audience of spectators, causing several people to faint.

Dugan’s grisly execution prompted the state to replace the gallows with the gas chamber.

Three woman now reside on Arizona's death row. Arias could be sharing company with them soon, should the jury decide to give her death, rather than life in prison.


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