05/09/2013 04:15 pm ET

Justin Matthews, Firefighter Dressed As Bear, Run Over By Own Fire Truck At Torrington Carnival


Looks like Smokey just got smoked.

A firefighter dressed as a bear was run over by a firetruck Saturday during a family-friendly festival in the United Kingdom.

Justin Matthews was walking in front of a fire engine during a parade at the Torrington Carnival when he reportedly became tangled in the vehicle's wheel, causing him to suffer a broken leg.

"We had an accident and it was a firefighter from Torrington," Graham Rook, the fire station manager, told the North Devon Journal. "Somehow or another he got caught up with the front wheel of the appliance in the carnival."

Matthews was taken to the North Devon District Hospital where he received medical treatment. He was discharged later that evening, the Cornishman reports.

One witness called it a "scene of horror."

Torrington Carnival is a parade and festival held each May in Torrington.

On Twitter, witnesses posted reactions to the shocking turn of events.


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