Despite the obvious differences and glaring mistakes of these 15 knockoffs, these products totally seem legit. Or maybe, we just wish they were real, because who wouldn’t want to own a backpack that reads, “Anus”?

Check out these 15 products for yourself and let us know which you're hoping to get for your next birthday.

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  • The New "It" Bag

    Louis Vuitton is changing a lot of things, including the spelling of his name.

  • Break So Bad

    Hal meets Walter White and creates the perfect man.

  • Hamburger Helper's Helper

    Panburgers are the best!

  • What's Up?

    Definitely not the amount of people buying this movie.

  • A Very Bad Backpack

    For the child that's just begging to be made fun of.

  • A Real Winner

    I knew you would get 3st place!

  • Ahead Of The Game

    Retro is so in right now. Apple just had to jump on that trend.

  • Hair Nurturing

    Nurturing George Clooney since he first started balding in 1993.

  • Shrek 2: Ogre Gets Revenge

    The angriest Shrek you've ever seen.

  • Authentic Apple

    The latest apple product has really taken it to the next level.

  • Specialman And Robert Cop 3

    Their powers are about as impressive as their names.

  • Two For One

    Unfortunately, it's the worst of both.

  • Al Donald

    Fast food you can trust.

  • 6 Eleven

    Faster and even more convenient.

  • Shocker

    I can't believe it's a knockoff!

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