Best Silverlake Restaurants: Where To Go For Eclectic Eats (PHOTOS)

05/10/2013 08:23 pm ET | Updated May 12, 2013
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Ah, Silver Lake. Home of hipsters, celebrities and -- not very many good restaurants. Or, more accurately, a whole lot of pretty bad restaurants. But while Silver Lake hasn't had the food boom you might expect, given the price of housing in the neighborhood (seriously, a tiny Spanish bungalow with a million dollar mortgage ought to get you 10 great restaurants within walking distance), there are actually quite a few great places to eat. Although we could fill this list with vaguely decent, hippy-tinged eateries from up and down Sunset, we've tried to make it a bit more eclectic, both in terms of cuisine type and geography. Turn the page for the 10 terrific places in Silver Lake that are helping to ease the pain of all that rent money, and all those hipsters.

10 Best Restaurants In Silverlake

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