Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and to help you prepare for this upcoming holiday we have photos of 18 adorable animals being the best mothers they can be. From playing with their babies to offering love and support, these animals will remind you how important the job of a mother truly is.

Check out these 18 animals being good moms and prepare yourself for some of the sweetest and most heartwarming moments.

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  • Chowing Down...

    But making sure her puppies get fed first.

  • Bath Time

    Thanks, mom!

  • Playful Pups

    The best moms are the ones that join in the fun.

  • Caring Koala

    Some would call her overbearing, but I call her sweet.

  • Standing Tall

    Just like mom.

  • Support System

    They are the wind beneath her wings.

  • Courageous Cats

    Teaching her baby to be a risk taker.

  • Protective Parent

    Always looking out for her cub.

  • Lifeguard

    Mother otter keeping her baby afloat.

  • Cat Nap

    Mom is the perfect pillow.

  • Complex Creatures

    Lions may be tough, but this one proves they also loving.

  • Comfortable Canine

    Offering her shoulder to sleep on.

  • Gentle Giant

  • Breaking The Mold

    Pit bulls so often get a bad rap, and unfairly, but this mother and daughter pair cuddling should help dispel the myth.

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Both are skeptical of cameras.

  • Reciprocal Love

    This is how you know you're a good mother.

  • Double Duty

    I'm never letting you two go.

  • Doting Mother

    Come on mom, let us go.

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