Bill Maher is still trying to wrap his brain around the incredible phenomenon that is the 3D printer, especially the unsettling news that the first 3D-printed gun has been fired.

On Friday night's episode of "Real Time," Maher lamented a Texas man's first-ever plastic gun creation known as "The Liberator" and was surprised to learn that the 3D printers, or "manufacturers," as he suggests they be called, can also create organs and cells.

"Of course, this is America. We made a gun, duh," Maher joked, before launching into a though-provoking discussion of the dangers and Constitutional issues surrounding 3D printers with his panel including "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto, MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid, National Review columnist Charles W. Cooke and The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald.

Maher turned to the movies to support his theory about who would want to have a 3D-printed gun, referencing the movie "In The Line Of Fire," in which someone uses a 3D gun to get past White House security to assassinate the President.

"That's what they want to do," Maher said.

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