12-Year-Old Boy Tied To Pole Found By Jehovah's Witnesses In Miami Beach (VIDEO)

05/13/2013 01:49 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2013

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Jehovah's Witnesses going door-to-door in Miami Beach on Sunday made a horrifying discovery in the common area of an apartment building.

A 12-year-old boy had been tied to an outdoor pole by his father, according to a police report, his ankles bound with bicycle cable.

Investigators say Adolfo Guzman, 49, had been exasperated with his son for having wandered off for a few hours the day before and made good on an earlier threat to tie the boy up if he again left home without permission.

After tying the boy to a concrete pole in the building's laundry area, Guzman left for several hours to do some shopping, according to the police report.

“This is a horrific crime," Miami Beach Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told the Miami Herald. "It is unbelievable that someone would do this to their child. It’s wrong to leave a dog chained up, much less your own son."

Jail records show Guzman is being held on $50,000 bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

NBC6 reports the boy, who complained of pain in his ankles but was otherwise unharmed, is now in the care of a relative.

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