05/13/2013 03:17 pm ET | Updated May 13, 2013

Forgotten Pizza Looks Like It's Grown Its Own Civilization (PHOTO)

What happens when you leave two pizzas in a oven for a few weeks? Nothing good, apparently.

Reddit user BigBoppinBill posted the below picture, but doesn't offer much in the way of an explanation. We'd really like to know the circumstances under which this was allowed to happen.

Was it a science experiment? Was the friend cooking dinner when suddenly a natural disaster struck and he or she was forced to evacuate and was unable to return home for a few weeks? Does he or she have short term memory loss and just plain old forgot the pizzas were in the oven? And does the person never use the oven, thus allowing the pizzas to molder unchecked?

So many questions.


Joe Buglewicz's "Rotten" Photography