Extreme ironing? Yes, it's a thing. The "athletes" who compete in the sport lug their boards to dangerous points, like the top of a mountain, the middle of a busy street or deep into the ocean -- all in the name of a creaseless shirt.

And because we are laundry-obsessed ourselves, we flipped when we came across these photos of Redditor Kkrup at the top of a very tall and narrow rock formation in Lower Devil's Canyon in A.Z. who wrote, "About a year ago I sort of got into 'Extreme Ironing.' This is by far my best shot."

Photos by Redditor Kkrup

What are your most extreme cleaning moments? Tell us in the comments below, and click through the slideshow of 17 sports you didn't know existed.

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  • Beard Championships

    Hipsters only wish they could grow <a href="http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/" target="_hplink">those beards and mustaches</a>.

  • Gurning

    A competition to make the ugliest and funniest face. Most are just frightening.

  • Canine Freestyle Dancing

    Possibly the only thing worse than bringing your mom to the prom.

  • Beer Pong Championships

    Who said your college drinking games couldn't be lucrative?

  • Cheese Rolling

    A bunch of people try to outpace <a href="http://www.cheese-rolling.co.uk/index1.htm" target="_hplink">a wheel of cheese down a steep hill</a>. The prize? The wheel of cheese.

  • Cup Stacking

    A race to <a href="http://www.thewssa.com/" target="_hplink">stack cups in specific pyramid patterns</a> the fastest. Warning: do not practice with glassware.

  • Blo-ball

    Get the ball past your opponent's face in this exciting, fast-paced game of Blo-Ball! Named before people had discovered sexual innuendo.

  • Wife-Carrying

    Why buy weights when you can carry your wife across a field, up a hill or through an obstacle course?

  • Extreme Ironing

    For when regular wrinkle control just isn't enough.

  • Rock Paper Scissors

    Limber up your hands for all that typing you do.

  • Shin-Kicking

    Stuff your pants with hay and try to kick your opponent in the shins! Invented by totally sober people.

  • Toe Wrestling

    The flip flop is the thong for the foot. Don't underestimate the power of a toned toe.

  • Pig-n-Ford Racing

    Competitors must grab a pig, crank their Model T, and drive around the track three times (grabbing a new pig each time). The pigs love it!

  • Segway Polo

    It's like regular Polo, only geekier.

  • Chess Boxing

    Work out your brain and your bod!

  • Joggling

    "We are track and field athletes. The only difference is we have three balls in our hands."

  • Competitive Eating

    This may not help you pack on muscle, but it'll certainly help you fill out all those muscle tanks you bought back in May.

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