05/14/2013 02:36 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Isaac Mizrahi On Gay Marriage And Husband's Defense Of Marriage Equality

On the heels of Minnesota's same-sex marriage legislation being approved, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi dropped by HuffPost Live, where he spoke at length about his own stance on marriage equality.

“You do have to be vocal about these things –- you have to keep talking about it," Mizrahi, who tied the knot with his husband Arnold Germer in 2011, said. "I am at this point where I’m proud to come out and fight that good fight. I’m not defensive anymore, I’m proactive about it."

Mizrahi, 51, recalled one time when Germer got into a heated discussion with a same-sex marriage opponent.

"She thought it was polite to be able to express herself," he noted. "She better expect him to express himself back ... he just went off on her. I was like, 'Go Arnold! Hooray for Arnold!'"

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.


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