05/15/2013 09:26 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

Carey Mulligan: Does She Ever Smile? (PHOTO)

Getty Images

Why doesn't Carey Mulligan ever give us a glimpse of those pearly whites? "The Great Gatsby" star, who has been buzzing around the globe since the premiere of her new film, cannot seem to crack a smile for the camera.

Seen most recently at the Cannes Film Festival, Mulligan looks stunning in her sophisticated and sleek black jumper ... with a half frown to boot. I mean, we know she played the lovesick Daisy Buchanan in "Great Gatsby," but her career seems to be at an all-time high right now -- isn't that something worth smiling about? Plus, we just can't get enough of her dimples.

Why Doesn't Carey Mulligan Ever Smile?
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