If a colleague is a known prankster, it's probably a good idea to read the script before going on air.

One reporter learned that the hard way when TV host Karl Stefanovic pulled an "Anchorman" prank on Australia's "Today" show and changed the teleprompter in order to trick his colleague into reading a humorous line.

Sports reporter Roz Kelly was recapping a recent soccer match in the Europa Cup when she fell for trick, reading straight off the screen.

"How good are the cookies... there," she says with some hesitation, as Stefanovic breaks into laughter.

"You didn't check your scripts did you?" co-host Lisa Wilkinson questions.

The presenters then joke about who may have planted the line -- "your flatmates upstairs?" -- but its fairly obvious from Stefanovic's reaction that he was the culprit.

While Kelly admitted that she "knew exactly what had happened" as she was reading the line, she vowed to take revenge.

This isn't the first time a TV host has pulled a teleprompter prank inspired by the 2004 comedy. In January, the director of an NBC26 news broadcast managed to slip "I love lamp," into the teleprompter, and the local weatherman fell for it.

Watch the Australian "Today" show prank in the clip above, and see the "Anchorman" original in the video below. (Warning: Clip contains some explicit language.)

(Via Hypvervocal)

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