The Upper Haight smells like a lot of things. On any given day, the aroma of marijuana smoke, Muni exhaust, various forms of human waste and any combination thereof inevitably wafts through the air, delighting residents and tourists alike.

But the biggest offender, according to a group of neighborhood activists, isn't drug or excrement related. It's bacon. Sizzling, crispy, fresh-off-the-fryer bacon.

Bacon Bacon restaurant, the brick and mortar outpost of the cult-followed food truck with the same name, shut down Friday after a barrage of complaints about the smell.

According to unhappy neighbors, the "porcine aroma" was too much to endure and proprietors illegally dumped excess grease in the sewers. When authorities responded, they discovered the small eatery, located on the corner of Frederick and Ashbury streets, lacked the proper health permits to continue operating.

Bacon Bacon's avid fans have already begun fighting back, launching a petition and airing their grievances on the restaurant's Facebook page.

"I'm one of Bacon Bacon's neighbors and I believe I speak for 99% of the neighborhood when I say: 'Stay HERE,'" Facebook user Lucia Tallchief Mele said in a comment. "Don't let a coupla nasty nay-sayers or clueless bureaucrats deprive you of your livelihood! We will fight for you!"

Meanwhile, the Bacon Bacon food truck will continue to appear at various Off the Grid events throughout the city.

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