05/20/2013 05:57 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2013

Christian Bale Unrecognizable: Actor's Bald Head Spotted At LAX (PHOTO)

Christian Bale was unrecognizable at the LAX Airport on Sunday (May 19).

Sporting a bald head and bearded face, the 39-year-old "American Hustle" actor was traveling with his wife Sibi Blazic and 8-year-old daughter Emmeline. While typically sporting similar facial hair, Bale opted for a buzz cut this time around, throwing viewers for a loop.

Apparently he shaved it all off for his role as a financial conman in "American Hustle," in which he boasts a '70s-inspired comb-over.

Check out his new 'do below.

Christian Bale spotted yesterday (May 19):
christian bale bald

Bale on set of "American Hustle" with his comb over:
christian bale bald

Bale as we once knew him:
christian bale bald


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