Max Gordon Catch: Oregon State Outfielder Makes Amazing Grab Against Oregon (VIDEO)

05/20/2013 02:16 pm ET

Oregon State centerfielder Max Gordon made a highlight-reel catch when he chased down a fly ball in centerfield against Oregon on Sunday.

With bases loaded in the bottom of the second, Oregon's J.J. Altobelli clobbered a pitch from OSU's Ben Wetzler that was headed deep into the outfield. But Gordon sprinted toward the warning track and made an incredible dive before reeling in an over-the-shoulder grab.

Altobelli appeared completely stunned.

“That was not my best route,” Gordon told the Gazzette Times. “I took off and I thought I had it in the bag. Started kind of jogging and the wind just made it kind of run away from me."

The play helped the Beavers preserve a six-run lead as they went on win, 12-2.

It was the second incredible catch Gordon made in less than a week.


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