Mindy Kaling's New Yorker Piece Introduces The Kiss Monitor™, Reminds Us Why We're Obsessed With Her

05/21/2013 12:50 pm ET

Sometimes, we think Mindy Kaling was sent here to say things that don't occur to us at all, better than we would ever say them.

Take her recent piece in the New Yorker, where she talks about the underrated joy of kissing and her fervent belief that you should be allowed to keep kissing other people after you're married:

The fact of the matter is, marriage is a serious business and kissing is not. Kissing in and of itself can’t create offspring or cause life-threatening disease. Just because I want to kiss someone doesn’t mean I want to love that person, share a bed with him, remind him to take his Lipitor, tell him not to use so much salt, or share one AOL e-mail account.

Her solution? The Kiss Monitor™.

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