Vince Vaughn Fans Freak Out When They Spot Him At Disneyland (PHOTO)

05/21/2013 05:04 pm ET

It's not everyday you see a celebrity strolling through Disneyland.

So when two fans spotted Vince Vaughn enjoying a day out at the amusement park with his family in Los Angeles, they freaked out.

No ... seriously, they lost it.

Vaughn was walking along with his pregnant wife Kyla Weber and their 2-year-old daughter Locklyn on May 20 when some girls recognized the funny man. (It's hard for Vaughn not to stand out in a crowd; he's 6 feet 5 inches).

Dressed in a buttoned-up blue shirt, jeans and sunglasses, Vaughn meandered past the two onlookers before they suddenly realized it was him.

Their faces say it all .... and the reaction was priceless.

vince vaughn fans

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