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'Semicolon': Lonely Island And Solange Fail At Grammar In New Song (NSFW VIDEO)

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The Lonely Island released their second song this week, miseducating listeners everywhere about punctuation in a new track entitled "Semicolon."

The rap/comedy trio teamed up with Solange, sister of Beyonce who has grown into a hit artist in her own right with the song "Losing You" (although we'll never forget her star turn in "Bring It On: All or Nothing.") The song uses the style of "hashtag rap," popularized by Drake, in which they describe a noun before naming it at the end of each line, with references to ALF, Ralph Macchio and Steve Urkel.

The narrator/teacher in the song, voiced by Maya Rudolph, is obviously unimpressed. Since this is The Lonely Island, it's a very NSFW grammar lesson.

The group's new album, "The Wack Album," comes out on June 11.

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